Royal Noise Hunter

Panels properties comply with Technical Approval no AT/2008-03-2344/2:

- Resistance to wind load – zone I and II according to PN-B-02011; TA p. 3.3
- Resistance to dynamic loads associated with snow clearance – max 50 km/h according to PN-EN 1794-1; TA p. 3.3
- Resistance to stone strokes – met according to PL-EN 1794-1; TA p.4, tab. 2, p. 34
- Resistance to UV rays – met; TA p. 4, tab. 2, p. 8
- The panels are marked with the CE sign


Cases are manufactured in the following dimensions:

- length up to 4960 mm
- height up to 333 mm and as a filling – 167 mm
- thickness 100 mm


The panels end with system gaskets fitting with various pole types (double-tee bars 140, 160 and 180).

RAB cases possess specifically shaped upper and lower surfaces allowing to easy installation into blade and gully, whereas their relatively light construction (around 27-32 kg/m2) enables the assembly with no heavy equipment.











In case of selection of this type of panels there are no additional expenses associated with application of graffiti-protecting coatings.





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